Providing clean and safe water to everybody around the world is among the greatest challenges facing us today. While it is critical that we begin and continue to highlight the importance of water to policy makers, organizations, and individuals with a sense of immediacy, as educators we cannot forget the importance of addressing the next generation of leaders and decision makers. The idea of developing an elementary and secondary level school curriculum around the topic of water conservation and use is a continuation of earlier work of ours at the University of Miami for the motion picture One Water. While the One Water project was completed as a partnership between the School of Communication, the College of Engineering, and the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, the Knowater curriculum has been created by the Knight Center for International Media and authored by professors Eugene Provenzo, Jr. and Cory Buxton of the School of Education at the University of Miami.

This website serves as a complement to the printed curriculum that conforms to Sunshine State Standards. We are in the process of adapting this work to conform with other state standards in the United States. Additionally, Knowater curriculum content is also being adapted for use in schools internationally. This curriculum has been generously supported by a grant from the South Florida Water Management District. We would like to thank this organization for their ongoing interest and support, and their realization that proper water use is not only a conservation problem, but also an educational issue.