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Audience comments from previous screenings:

Miami (Coral Gables) – Bill Cosford Cinema, University of Miami

“The film is a wonderful piece of art which would, I hope, make a definite dent in global conservation.”

“Powerful and unique.”

“Beautiful images, dramatic music – a world tour.”

“So powerful and thought-provoking…It would be a further tragedy if something good doesn’t come from this amazing film.”

“Visually stunning, painfully enlightening!  A very important work.”

“The film is very relevant and addresses an issue that needs more publicity.  I think it is an elegant method to bring this issue to the forefront of public discussion.”

“I was extremely moved and shocked too, for the first time, to see the contrast between other populations and ours.  We definitely take water for granted.  This film has opened my consciousness.”

“With stunning imagery and enchanting music, this global documentary delivers a powerful message about the dire consequences of the safe drinking water shortage for our planet.”

“The West, especially the United States, is unwilling to conserve resources, including energy and safe water.  This issue is much broader than One Water, but must be at the core of any policy resolution.  Why do we water our lawns when a substantial part of the world population faces a water shortage?”

New York City – Theater I, Tribeca Cinemas

“You capture many poignant and thought-provoking instances…and after watching the film, I want to do something!”

“Eye-opening and thought-provoking.”

“It successfully communicates the water crisis.”

“Gorgeous cinematography.”

“A film with epic proportions – it’s beautifully shot and mesmerizing to look at.”

Washington, DC (Silver Spring, MD) – Silver Theatre II, American Film Institute

“Breathtakingly beautiful, heartrendingly sad, evocative music…Message: We have a serious problem – but not a solution.”

“The visual images were powerful and communicated the fundamental message that water is the essence of life for everyone…and that it is in danger.”

“Thank you for making us think.”

“I think the message was delivered very effectively without having to use so many words – this is a universal topic and is portrayed in such a manner that words are not necessary.”

“The nonverbal nature of your film is arresting to my senses…The music does its job almost too well, in that it blends with the film’s movement.”

Honorable Mentions:

BCIFF 2008 Honorable Mention Documentaries
One Water- SAM L GROGG